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Our Value Proposition

We help clients in creating and executing a tailored strategy for effective growth or in finding the optimal location for their operations.

We believe in the essential worth of research to understand and better plan for a community’s economic development success or a company’s optimal location choice. It is our cornerstone. Our economic assessments are in-depth, comprehensive, and thorough. We insist upon digging deeply and mining for the most detailed demographic data, industry statistics, or comparative rankings because we know that businesses considering other potential locations will do the same.

We understand that every community and company is different and approach each client with the goal of uncovering their unique assets and character; or in finding that ideal location for a company’s investment (especially considering that there are 3,141 counties in the United States alone!). Through our work with more than 135 clients, Garner Economics has developed a realistic and rigorous methodology to identify areas of competitive advantage and integrate our recommendations into actionable, implementation plans.

Our work is based on the core principles of being:


We seek changes that allow clients to build upon successful strategies or address unmet needs with a clear understanding of organizational capacity and long-term aspirations.


We realize that a vision for economic development is a long-term commitment; the work does not end when we leave. Garner Economics strives to be a valued, long-term partner to our clients.


Our clients do not get a generic 30,000-foot view from us. We dig deeper. Our processes are transparent so that clients can fully integrate the results into their overall organization and business plans. All of our strategic recommendations include a comprehensive set of implementation guidelines so that clients can act on what we recommend seamlessly and effectively. It is a key tenant to our company’s value proposition.