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food processing site cert

Food Processing Site Certification

No Product, No Project.TM

Without product, communities will be eliminated by companies and site location advisors for any potential investments. We can help you remedy your product challenges. Primus Builders and Garner Economics have partnered to create one of the most extensive certification initiatives in the economic development arena for the food/beverage (F&B) industry. Our goal is to help communities effectively prepare for attracting F&B projects. Conversely, this expertise and locational knowledge serves our corporate clients in the F&B industry as they have direct access and information on communities that have met the Primus/Garner rigorous F&B review requirements.

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“Working with Primus and Garner Economics have proven to be extremely efficient and a valuable asset to our organization. Primus/Garner provided critical documents in an organized, timely manner, while meeting key milestones and benchmarks throughout the process. As a result of the Primus/Garner Economics certification process, we were successful in the recruitment of our first food-related manufacturing operation within 1 year of certification.”

Robert A. Swales | Chief Executive Officer | Clearly Ahead Development | Clearfield, Pennsylvania

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