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organizational design analysis

Organizational Design

Creating the Optimal Economic Development Service Delivery Structure

Garner Economics will assess the overall service delivery programs and efforts of an economic development organization (EDO), Chamber of Commerce, State EDO agency, or similar structured conduit tat serves as a facilitator or conduit to economic growth. These efforts often include programs in business attraction, retention, research (business intelligence) and entrepreneurship. We will build off the current strengths, mitigate or remove those components that are considered a challenge or weakness, and then design an effective economic development service delivery structure that will accomplish the organizations’ goals of wealth building from job creation and capital investment.

The design and the components of an EDO organizational structure and functionality will be developed based on the effective elements of organization design noted in the related graphic.

Garner Economics will develop a proposed organizational structure and functionality through the evaluation of items including:

  • Mission
  • Budget by function or program
  • Staffing
  • Governance
  • Performance metrics and results
  • Funding structure and funding mechanisms
  • Structure and programming

“Change can be a good thing, and the consultant’s report should be greeted with optimism for the new start it suggests. Forget the grain of salt and concentrate on enhancing the local economic development effort.”

Editorial Board | Topeka Capital Journal | 12/12/2015

Sample Clients

JEDO Topeka
New Hanover County
Charles County