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Our Testimonials

Testimonials from our clients speak volumes about our work and value proposition. See what others have to say about our work.

Shannon Ogletree
Director of Economic Development | Santa Rosa County, FL

“I wanted to let you know I really appreciate the extra effort you and your team is putting into our strategic plan update. Not only has your team provided a darn good product in the Competitive Realities Report and our Report Card, but the Garner Economics Team, I feel like really cares about the community and how to make our area much more successful. The Garner team makes me feel like you recognize who Santa Rosa County is, and not just Anytown, USA.”

Jon R. Branson
Executive Director of Management Services | City of Texas City, TX

“Thank you for your great work!”

Will Williams
President & CEO | Western SC Economic Development Partnership

"Garner Economics did a tremendous job on our regional workforce study in 2020. We were able to get our key stakeholder meetings done in person before the pandemic started. Even with disruptions caused by shutdowns etc., their team was able to meet all the milestones and delivered the product on time and in budget. Jay and his team did an in depth job of producing a product for the economic developers of the Aiken(SC) – Augusta (GA) MSA that continues to help us improve the economic viability of this region."

Scott Hardwick
Director | Matagorda County (TX) Economic Development Corporation

"Jay and the team at Garner Economics did a fantastic job of putting together a comprehensive strategic plan for Matagorda County. As the plan does not focus on any specific area of the County, it provides the opportunity for economic development to be viewed holistically by all jurisdictions. We can now work to develop the assets most likely to lead to the facilitation of new investment and the attraction/retention of talent. Additionally, Jay and Cyndi did a wonderful job delivering the findings of the plan to a live audience in our community. Our organization and its stakeholders will now carry it forward."

David Swenson, CEcD
Director | York County Economic Development, SC

“Garner Economics team did a fantastic job of developing our new Economic Development Strategic plan in 2021. They started the plan during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic and were able to meet the critical milestones, hold the necessary individual and group interviews, and deliver the report to our stakeholders on time and on budget. Jay and his team provided the necessary data comparatives,critical insight and final recommendations that we now will use to address future changes and approaches to improving our economic development potential in York County.”

Jason Ball
President | Round Rock Chamber, Round Rock, TX

“The Round Rock Chamber has worked with Jay and the Garner Economics team twice in the previous 5 years to establish our strategic targets and objectives. Five years after the development of our first strategic plan with Garner Economics, so much change and growth had occurred in our region we needed to reassess our strategic plan and refine our target industries for new business recruitment. Even though he was thoroughly familiar with our city, Jay took the time to visit Round Rock, meet with our leadership, and speak at an investor engagement luncheon. The end product is a plan that has a strong basis in data and capitalizes on new, emerging industries that do not have a large presence in our market yet, but soon will. Through his expertise, our community and leadership are unified behind our program and our goals for the next five years.”

Mike Kamerlander
Director of Economic Development | City of Lockhart, TX

"Garner Economics undertook a competitive assessment of Lockhart and made specific recommendations as to what types of industry sectors we should focus on. Their work was simply outstanding. This was the City’s first ever action plan for economic development and our leadership within the City was extremely impressed, as was I."

James Grunke
President and CEO | Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, Erie, PA

“We hired Garner Economics to conduct a Competitive Assessment and Target Industry Strategy for our county. Their work and recommendations were outstanding. So much so that we engaged them again one year later to conduct a comprehensive workforce assessment for our community. One of their transformational recommendations was the need for the Commonwealth of PA to create a public two-year community college in Erie County. Well, on June 11, 2020, the PA Department of Education voted to pursue the development of a community college for Erie. Garner Economics was an instrumental voice in shaping our future. I can’t emphasize enough the value they bring to community leaders.”

Cameron Cox
Chief Executive Officer | Bastrop Economic Development Council, Bastrop, TX

“Jay Garner and his team provided “the best presentation to City Council, ever”, according to a City of Bastrop City Council Member in attendance at our joint strategic meeting. Leading up to this insightful presentation by Garner Economics, Jay and his team conducted extensive research into the City of Bastrop’s demographics, history, government, and plans for the future. They met with local stakeholders, conducted surveys and facilitated in depth communications with those in our community to determine the best, custom tailored strategic plan for the City of Bastrop and the Bastrop Economic Development Corporation. Jay listened and we are now putting into action his proposed plans for our City to build a better Bastrop.”

Chris Coudriet
County Manager | New Hanover County, NC

"New Hanover County is cutting the ribbon on water and sewer along US 421 today . . . The Garner Report made this possible."

Dennis Mingyar
Director of Economic Development | Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

"We have had Jay Garner present twice to the economic development staff of Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives and their Community partners. He was outstanding on both occasions. He was witty, erudite with a unique ability to connect with the audience. His presentations are informative, enlightening and enjoyable. I highly recommend his services."

Robbie Morris
President | West Virginia Economic Development Council

“Jay Garner spoke to the West Virginia Economic Development Council’s annual conference about disruption in the economic development marketplace. His comparisons of West Virginia and competing states was informative and useful to our membership. The information presented current, relevant, and drove home the points Jay made about the state of economic development in West Virginia. His suggestions for what we as economic professionals need to do to better ourselves was spot on. I would highly recommend Jay for any economic development related conference or presentation.”

Loren Hill
President | High Point (N.C.) EDC
Director | Guilford County EDA

"Jay Garner served as the keynote speaker for our inaugural Guilford County Economic Development Summit. When the economic developers for High Point and Greensboro, N.C., were planning the summit, Jay was the first person we focused on, and we were so pleased he could add us to his schedule. The economic development summit consisted of elected officials and high-level board volunteers. Jay’s message about disruption in the economic development marketplace was spot on and well received by our leadership and the business community. We learned much from Jay – his message was delivered effectively and authentically. I would recommend Jay to anyone who is seeking a speaker who can deliver a high-valued message to an important audience."

Ross Patten
City of Covington, Kentucky

“Garner Economics was incredible to work with from start to finish. Jay and his team were constantly in communication and met or exceeded every deadline and expectation we had. We wanted an economic development strategy that would power us forward, while still recognizing Covington’s unique and quirky vibes. Garner Economics delivered creative insights and recommendations that left our Board of Commissioners ‘blown away.’ There were definitely some hard truths in there, but they put us in a great position to start implementing right away.”

Jeff Ziegler
Assistant Manager, Moon Township, Pennsylvania

“Moon Township hired Garner Economics to create an economic development action plan to attract talent and investment to our community. We needed an expert in the field with the ability to both understand what we wanted and also tell us what we were overlooking. Jay and his team worked diligently to produce a comprehensive document that is easy to understand and offers actionable steps. Throughout the process we received honest feedback based on extensive research and experience. With Jay’s leadership, his team kept us on track from day one and delivered on every item that was promised. Ours was a very positive and professional experience. We’re eager to act on the team’s recommendations.”

Greg Henderson
President and CEO, Southeast Gas

“Southeast Gas hired Garner Economics to develop an organizational plan to help guide the economic development efforts encompassing 18 counties and 35 cities in southeast Alabama. Jay and his team delivered an excellent product in and understandable and implementable format that pleased our board which is comprised predominately of mayors. What impressed us most was the efficiency and timeliness of the work and final report delivery. Very professional and applicable.”

Leonard Millender
Commissioner | Conecuh County Commission (AL)

“Jay Garner and his team from Garner Economics were and continue to be of enormous help to our county. They gave us guidance, strategy, direction and now hope. We are working tirelessly to implement the Garner report. In addition, Jay Garner has become a trusted and valuable friend and resource to me personally and to our county.”

Mike Evans
President | Clarksville-Montgomery County, TN EDC

“We engaged Garner Economics to create our organization’s most recent five-year Strategic Blueprint. We appreciate the team’s thorough look at our community and its unique economic indicators as it has created an insightful report for Clarksville-Montgomery County. This Blueprint will help guide us into the next chapter of economic success for our community.”

Jenni Graff
Director of Economic Development | Missoula Economic Partnership

“Garner Economics created an insightful report for Missoula County which will serve as an invaluable instrument to inform our economic strategy. We are grateful for a concise document with key economic indicators and data points which provide important insight and talking points for business and government leaders."

Jay and his team were consummate professionals. They have created a meaningful tool we hope will serve as the guiding document for our organization’s future and the region’s economic development strategy.”

Shannon Ogletree
Director of Economic Development | Santa Rosa County, FL

“We engaged Garner Economics and their partner, DCI, to conduct the county’s first ever economic development strategic plan. The process and outcome were fantastic, and it surpassed our expectations. Our county commissioners’ and my office are excited about the implementation of the action plan and we have the Garner Economics team to thank for getting us there.”

Mike Odom
President | Round Rock Chamber, TX

“Thanks to you, Jay, and the entire Garner Economics team for your great work on our project. Your efforts will play a pivotal role in our ability to reach our full potential.”

Ben White
Vice President | Round Rock Chamber, TX

“We hired Garner Economics to update our economic development strategic targets and plan. Jay and his team did a fantastic job with their discovery of our strengths and challenges and used that data to deliver target sectors for our community as well as out-of-the-box recommendations on how to achieve our economic development goals. The team was professional, open, and easy to communicate with when questions arose. Garner met all the agreed upon deliverables on or before the due date. I would recommend Garner Economics to any community looking to hire a professional operation that will look at their community honestly and provide a great road map for success.”

Don Cunningham
Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, PA

“When the Lehigh Valley needed outside expertise to assess our strengths and weaknesses to help develop a smart plan for economic development, we turned to Garner Economics. We made the right move. Garner was invaluable in helping us to understand ourselves and our assets in order to develop a strategy for our future that is unique for our region. I believe Jay Garner and his team were able to do this so effectively because of Jay’s unique perspective of understanding communities and economic development but, more importantly, his deep understanding of the needs of the customer, the businesses that create jobs and create wealth in a community. Garner is such an integral part of our strategy that we asked him back in 2017 to give us a report card on how we are doing and refresh those strategy items we have accomplished.”

Tammy Fields
Chief Economic Development Officer | Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC

“The Strategic Plan produced by Garner Economics gives specific recommendations on how to improve the product, tell the story and execute effectively. It offers strategic initiatives and operational suggestions. I’m grateful for a tool that will actually guide economic development efforts in our region rather than a report that will reside on a shelf. The Garner team was thorough, responsive and honored all deliverables and timelines. They demonstrated genuine interest in our community and commitment to our success. It was a true pleasure getting to know Jay and I look forward to working with him in the future. We are now able to hit the ground running with Garner’s recommendations as we build our work plan and budget.”

Robbie Bennett
Executive Director | Development Authority of Columbia County, GA

“Jay Garner and the Garner Economics Team are excellent strategic planning partners. Their dedication to preparing the best plan for Columbia County is evident in their work with our local leaders, presentations to the community, and the final recommendations provided. Garner Economics provided an honest review of Columbia County today and a detailed plan for the future. Their plan has been met with excitement and energy by the local community. And the Development Authority of Columbia County is proud to have the opportunity to implement our new vision.”

Valerie Gray
Chambers County Development Authority, AL

“Jay Garner is the ‘plastic surgeon’ that has just finished marking up your flaws with a sharpie. Standing in front of the mirror you feel exposed to all your flaws, but know that the recommendations made by Garner Economics can take you and your community to the next competitive level.”

Darrell Brown
Charles County Department of Economic Development, MD

“Charles County worked with Jay Garner and team to develop an Economic Development Strategy for the County and help us understand how we can leverage our strengths and mitigate challenges to create economic opportunities for our citizens. Jay was very professional, knowledgeable, honest in his recommendations, and a joy to work with throughout the process. Jay and his team have been an invaluable resource in the development of an excellent strategic plan, and we now have a clear path forward in our economic development program.”

Ronnie Bryant
Charlotte Regional Partnership, NC

“Jay Garner and his team provided us the most comprehensive cluster analysis and strategy that I’ve ever seen for an EDO. The work of Garner Economics was simply outstanding and their conclusions and recommendations are now driving our business agenda.”

Jim Bourgeois
One Acadiana, LA

“Garner Economics was an invaluable partner in setting our community on a course for economic development success through our Target Industry Strategy. After a very thorough selection process, our community selected Jay Garner and his team due to their proven experience and superior project methodology. Garner Economics helped us not only confront our shortcomings, but also helped us better understand and exploit our strengths. The final report generated a lot of interest and excitement throughout the Acadiana region and I would highly recommend this outstanding firm."

Ray Gibson
City of Fayetteville, GA

“After looking nationally for a firm to develop an economic development strategy, we found the best firm was right here in Fayetteville, Georgia - Garner Economics. Jay Garner and his team used in-depth research and analysis and effective community engagement techniques to create an economic development strategy that fits our community's desire to grow, while retaining its small town feel. The completed strategy draws on national best practices and includes not only retail but commercial and light industrial options that would fit well with our land use plans and workforce availability. After delivery of the plan, Jay continued to be engaged with the City during the implementation phase. It has been a very professional process from the beginning and I highly recommend Garner Economics, LLC.”

Karen Hedelt
City of Fredericksburg, VA

“Jay brought extensive experience and an invaluable perspective to our community in the creation of an economic development master plan for Fredericksburg. Jay has proven to be honest and direct, very perceptive to our community’s needs and potential. He and his staff are attentive to detail and thorough in analysis and recommendations. An invaluable resource for us!”

Mayor George Karos
City of Martinsburg, WV

“This is one of the most outstanding and important projects for Martinsburg. This exceeds anything we’ve done in 45 years. With the Rebirth, Renewal and Reinvention Strategy, we’ve taken a big step forward.”

Mayor John Engen
City of Missoula, MT

“Jay Garner and his team deliver advice based on experience and a real sense of place. His respect for places and his no-nonsense approach sets him apart from consultants with a one-size fits all style and a knack for telling clients what they want to hear as opposed to what they need to hear.”

Lori Huguley, CEcD
City of Opelika, AL

“We were excited to partner with Primus and Garner Economics to evaluate our site at the Northeast Opelika Industrial Park. Having gone through the processes, we feel that obtaining this certification will let Food and Beverage manufacturers know that Opelika, Alabama has a site and a workforce ready for their business.”

Mayor Dave Norris
City of West Monroe, LA

“Jay Garner and his team completed a regional economic strategy for our area which is being implemented today. I liked his work so much, I engaged him to do a community visioning plan for our city. The work of he and his team is unsurpassed and well executed. There is none better than Garner Economics.”

Robert A. Swales
Clearly Ahead Economic Development, PA

“Clearly Ahead Development worked in collaboration with the owners of TAFCO (TMP Manufacturing Company) to preserve this major project within Clearfield County. Since 2014, multiple sites and significant due-diligence was invested by TAFCO to identify the optimal site for their new manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. With the support of the Garner/Primus certified food site recognition, we are extremely pleased TAFCO’s site selection process proved the Commerce Park is the optimal fit for their business to make a significant long-term capital investment and business expansion.”

Gary Lanier
Columbus County EDC, NC

“We are very excited to have been able to certify our park which indicates our ability to meet the needs of a food/beverage manufacturer. This industry sector has grown considerably, even during the great recession, and this certification will let those companies that are looking for new locations know that Columbus County is ready for them. This is the first food site designation in North Carolina.”

Jason Hester
Columbus EDB, IN

“After receiving proposals from leading international consultants, Garner Economics was the clear choice to help us refine our approach to business recruitment. Jay Garner brought a “site selectors” perspective to the process, and his team provided valuable data-driven and insightful guidance to help us capitalize on our strengths, while also identifying areas in need of attention to best equip our community for future success.”

Roger Harrison
Covington/Newtown County Chamber of Commerce, GA

“Jay and his team are second to none. My office reviewed numerous proposals over the course of a year and ultimately chose Garner Economics. From the first meeting, it became clear why Jay’s team comes so highly recommended. Jay is the consummate professional and communicator backed by a stellar career – and it clearly shows. Whether it was the large industry leaders, elected officials at all levels, or our local small business owners, Garner Economcs excelled in bringing value to them all.”

Bob Grewe
Dubois County Economic Development, IN

“When Garner Economics first suggested including distribution-logistics as a targeted industry for the Dubois County Area Development Corporation, I rebutted the idea noting that our rural location had no good interstate access. Jay and his team insisted that the economic data and their methodology for identifying business targets supported the assertion. They were spot on. While growth in the county has been limited, we have seen considerable growth in the transportation-logistics sector.”

Lisa Collins
Early County Development Authority, GA

“Early County 2055 selected Garner Economics to develop a multiyear economic strategy focusing on specific industry targets that complement the community’s assets and opportunities. We were not disappointed! The strategy presented went above and beyond what we expected, was delivered in a timely fashion, and the staff of Garner Economics was always available to answer questions that arose during the process. If your community desires to take charge of their economic destiny, I would highly recommend Garner Economics to be your catalyst.”

Greg Wathen
EDC of Southwest Indiana

“Southwest Indiana faced the difficult prospect of trying to complete another analysis of the region that wouldn’t simply gather dust on a shelf. Jay and his team outlined a great process that met our primary goals of generating implementable recommendations that can be measured. Garner Economics has helped us create a clear road map that actually leads to the right direction.”

Doug Peters
Fayetteville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce, NC

“We retained Garner Economics to help us craft a regional and comprehensive economic development strategy. The end product is now driving both the Chamber’s business agenda and the agenda for many of our communities. We used Jay as our go to expert to facilitate change. In the 26 years I’ve been in the chamber business, he may well be the best economic development consultant I've come across.”

Shannon Full
Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce, WI

“We engaged Jay Garner and his team and could not have been happier with the results. The analysis and recommendations that Garner Economic provided were the foundation on which we built our strategic plan and essentially launched a public-private economic development corporation. Jay’s professionalism, expertise, experience, and candor were embraced by the leaders of our community. The results of our engagement with Garner Economics will forever impact the economic vitality of our region.”

Michael Olivier
Future Pipe Industries

“Garner Economics conducted a thorough and exhaustive review of sites on our behalf. The data provided to us was extremely quantitative and analytical, and offered us pragmatic recommendations for our benefit. The end product was superb.”

Dave Porter
Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, TX

“The work product that we received from Garner Economics was delivered on time, on budget, and was excellent. The report really hit home a number of key issues that we addressed in order for us to be successful in today’s global economy. The detailed and comprehensive analysis has helped our region immensely as we implement the recommendations on making our City globally competitive.”

Connie Majure-Rhett, CCE
Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, NC

“Jay Garner’s presentation at our Chamber Annual Meeting was well received and eye opening for our members and community leaders. Our County Commissioners were impressed with his insight and abilities...Jay has become an extremely valuable resource for the Chamber and our local governing bodies, and I have found him to be very accessible and interested in our community’s continuing progress.”

George Gabel
JAX USA Partnership, FL

“A sea change is taking place in Jacksonville’s perception of itself and the perception of our city abroad, and we give Jay Garner much of the credit for heading us on the right path to make this happen.”

Patrick Topping
Macon EDC, GA

“We had Garner Economics conduct a labor analysis for a shared service project looking at communities in Georgia. The information they provided convinced the company that our labor force was available, affordable and had the skills. The work done by the Garner Economics team was outstanding.”

Larry Barnett
Midlothian Economic Development, TX

“Midlothian selected Garner Economics based on Jay Garner’s experience at all levels of economic development and his knowledge of communities around the United States. In addition, we were confident Jay would be candid and tell us what we needed to hear to build a better community, based on facts and the broad experience of his team. Jay expressed in our first meeting that success vs. failure depends on community leadership, so everyone has embraced this fact and is working toward implementation of the recommendations made by Garner Economics.”

Mary Martha Henson
Mississippi Economic Development Council (in partnership with Deloitte), MS

“Jay Garner and the Garner Economics team delivered practical and implementable recommendations within an aggressive timeline. The Garner's team professional expertise, candid feedback provided Mississippi a work product that will continue to strengthen our competitive position.”

Mayor Mike Gaskill
Northeast Arkansas EDC, AR

“Garner Economics LLC recently completed an economic development strategy for the NEADC in northeast Arkansas. The group was chosen over several other groups with experience and success because of Jay’s enthusiasm, energy and ability to communicate his vision for our area. After receiving the plan we were extremely pleased with the information. The strength that was shown by his plan, was his ability to come to an area to research and present a plan that fits the area. I highly recommend and endorse Jay Garner for his expertise.”

Marjette Upshur
Opportunity Lynchburg, VA

“We chose Garner Economics to bring focus to our economic development efforts with a business development strategy. In Jay’s initial presentation, my audience walked away with a new understanding of economic development and what it takes to be competitive. He brings his experience as a site selector and as an economic development professional to his research, presentations and recommendations. Jay is a “rock star” when it comes to economic development and executable strategies.”

Tony Pitrone
Primus Builders (and their clients)

“Primus partners with Garner Economics to provide a full range of site location services to its clients. We use Garner Economics exclusively for these services in conjunction with our corporate clients because the work of Jay and his team is simply outstanding. Our clients are thrilled with the deliverables and outcomes from Garner which means we are happy too.”

Rick Weddle
Research Triangle Foundation, NC

“I called on Jay to help us because of his “hands-on” experience and the fact that he sees the big picture of how we can be the most effective and successful in our efforts. There is none better than Jay when it comes to organizational analysis and crystal clear recommendations and solutions.”

Duane Long
Research Triangle Regional Partnership, NC

“The work product that we received from Jay and his team was delivered on time, on budget and was excellent. The report really hit home a number of key issues that we must address in order to be successful in today’s global economy. The detailed and comprehensive analysis has helped our region immensely.”

Blake Lovett
Wilkes County EDC, NC

“The expertise their team brings to this project, combined with their unique methodology and proven track record all combine to ensure that the end result of this study will be a plan which Wilkes EDC can really implement.”

Beth Shelton
Harvey County, Kansas EDC

“Garner Economics provided Harvey County Economic Development with an honest and sobering Competitive Realities Report, along with a detailed Target Industry Analysis. Their suggestions and recommendations will help our organization and serve as a road map toward improvements. There are no immediate fixes, but having Garner Economics clearly define our assets and challenges and thoroughly assess our community from the standpoint of a Site Selector, helps us see where we are at as a community and what we need to overcome to be more successful.
Jay Garner and his team were extremely professional, responsive, and committed to our project. I would recommend Garner Economics to my colleagues without hesitation.”

Chris Bostock
Fayetteville-Cumberland County Chamber of Commerce, NC

“The Community Development Foundation hired Garner Economics to help our community assess our attractiveness for business capital investment and help our community re-design our Economic Development Strategy. This effort was a breakthrough for our community and has already changed the conversation when it comes to Economic Development.”

Adam Knapp
Baton Rouge Area Chamber, LA

“Great Work! This analysis and recommendations will indeed help us move forward as we work to align our strategy with our stakeholders’ expectations.”

Bobby Williams
Chairman | Chambers County Development Authority, Alabama

“Jay Garner, your name is mentioned very often at CCDA meetings. The Garner Targets! Still pursuing them, successfully! When it comes to consultants, you are the exception to the rule. Just enjoy your status!”