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FDI Strategies

Identifying global targets is only the first step in a successful foreign direct investment strategy. Just as important is the ability to build and nurture relationships with potential partners—and to know which partnerships have the most potential. Garner Economics employs a combined 60+ years of experience in international business development to assist organizations in understanding and practicing the cultural nuances of various countries to nurture productive international partnerships. This service is valuable both to communities who are actively pursuing foreign trade and investment strategies, as well as those actively pursuing or growing sister-city relationships. Garner Economics has leveraged our representative offices in Berlin and Seoul to become a thought leader in the international business development strategies arena. We serve on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma’s Economic Development Institute, instructing classes in International Business Development. We know how to do business effectively with foreign companies and on foreign soil.

"A sea change is taking place in Jacksonville’s perception of itself and the perception of our city abroad, and we give Jay Garner much of the credit for heading us on the right path to make this happen.”

George Gabel, International Chair | Holland & Knight LLP

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