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Workforce Development Strategies & Services

Strategy: An economic development organization’s success is measured in job creation, retention, and investment; in short—wealth creation for a community’s citizens. The number one differentiator between you and your competition is having irrefutable proof of a skilled workforce that is ready to work on day one as well as a talent pipeline that is ready to fill the jobs of tomorrow. Our expertise aligns all your workforce development efforts into an effective strategy to attract, grow, and retain business.

We are experts at analyzing your current workforce, education, and training efforts against where you want to grow. We will provide you with a strategic road map that makes sure your workforce development efforts are aligned and focused on THE most important thing: Ensuring your businesses value their current access to the community talent resulting in greater business retention and expansion. After all, the best business recruiting tool for your community is your existing businesses. Therefore, we will present you with a strategy to guarantee you have the talent pipeline in place and equipped with the future skills to attract new business investment. We will also make sure the right data are at your fingertips to let both site selectors and companies know you really do have the skilled workforce that businesses seek. Our workforce action plan will provide you with step-by-step guidelines for execution.

Implementation: For those communities who want assistance with plan implementation, we offer additional services. In addition to developing your plan, we will help you lead the implementation through our Workforce Development Academy approach, designed to guide you and your workforce development partners through a results-driven execution process that will ensure your community has a sustainable approach for years to come. The Academy framework includes five elements: 

  • Leading regional workforce development
  • Building effective partnerships
  • Engaging employers
  • Aligning education and workforce initiatives
  • Marketing your regional workforce

The Academy approach is organized to include all relevant partners in four one day sessions – scheduled over a four to eight-month timeframe. Each academy will be tailored to meet the unique needs of the community. The resulting outcome is the successful execution of the plan.

Talent is the New Currency - Our Workforce Analysis Process: