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economic dev strategies

Economic Development Strategies

We have a combined 80+ years of economic development experience to craft strategic action plans for economic development organizations, each with execution guidelines that focus on achieving success for the client We have done more than 70 comprehensive economic development strategies since 2003.

Our methodology includes extensive community input, comprehensive benchmarking with comparative/peer communities and a perspective from our site location advisory experience of what makes successful communities competitive.

We build our implementation recommendations to be transparent so that clients can fully integrate the results of a given project into their overall organization. Our strategic plans include a comprehensive set of implementation guidelines based on the research and findings from an experienced, yet innovative and creative team of professionals. The guidelines include a summary of which organization should accomplish what part of the plan, when it should be done, and how much it will cost to be implemented.

We stand behind our implementation recommendations, ensuring that they can be implemented seamlessly and effectively. We make ourselves available in an advisory capacity-at no additional fee-for whatever period necessary after the final report has been delivered.

  • Solicit stakeholder input
  • Evaluate client's competitive position (economic & labor analysis)
  • Compare client to peer regions and best practices
  • Undertake cluster analysis and industry targeting
  • Position the client to achieve success based on qualitative and quantitative analysis collected in Phase I through short and long term strategies
  • Provide actionable and realistic recommendations for the client to implement over time to accentuate assets and mitigate short and long-term challenges

Case Study Example

"When the Lehigh Valley needed outside expertise to assess our strengths and weaknesses to help develop a smart plan for economic development, we turned to Garner Economics. We made the right move. Garner was invaluable in helping us to understand ourselves and our assets in order to develop a strategy for our future that is unique for our region. I believe Jay Garner and his team were able to do this so effectively because of Jay’s unique perspective of understanding communities and economic development but, more importantly, his deep understanding of the needs of the customer, the businesses that create jobs and create wealth in a community. Garner is such an integral part of our strategy that we asked him back in 2017 to give us a report card on how we are doing and refresh those strategy items we have accomplished.”

Don Cunningham | President & CEO | Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation

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