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Our Testimonials

Testimonials from our clients speak volumes about our work and value proposition. See what others have to say about our work.

Don Cunningham
Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation, PA

“When the Lehigh Valley needed outside expertise to assess our strengths and weaknesses to help develop a smart plan for economic development, we turned to Garner Economics. We made the right move. Garner was invaluable in helping us to understand ourselves and our assets in order to develop a strategy for our future that is unique for our region. I believe Jay Garner and his team were able to do this so effectively because of Jay’s unique perspective of understanding communities and economic development but, more importantly, his deep understanding of the needs of the customer, the businesses that create jobs and create wealth in a community.”

Marjette Upshur
Opportunity Lynchburg, VA

“We chose Garner Economics to bring focus to our economic development efforts with a business development strategy. In Jay’s initial presentation, my audience walked away with a new understanding of economic development and what it takes to be competitive. He brings his experience as a site selector and as an economic development professional to his research, presentations and recommendations. Jay is a “rock star” when it comes to economic development and executable strategies.”

Michael Olivier
Future Pipe Industries

“Garner Economics conducted a thorough and exhaustive review of sites on our behalf. The data provided to us was extremely quantitative and analytical, and offered us pragmatic recommendations for our benefit. The end product was superb.”

Robert A. Swales
Clearly Ahead Economic Development, PA

“Clearly Ahead Development worked in collaboration with the owners of TAFCO (TMP Manufacturing Company) to preserve this major project within Clearfield County. Since 2014, multiple sites and significant due-diligence was invested by TAFCO to identify the optimal site for their new manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. With the support of the Garner/Primus certified food site recognition, we are extremely pleased TAFCO’s site selection process proved the Commerce Park is the optimal fit for their business to make a significant long-term capital investment and business expansion.”

Robbie Bennett
Executive Director | Development Authority of Columbia County, GA

“Jay Garner and the Garner Economics Team are excellent strategic planning partners. Their dedication to preparing the best plan for Columbia County is evident in their work with our local leaders, presentations to the community, and the final recommendations provided. Garner Economics provided an honest review of Columbia County today and a detailed plan for the future. Their plan has been met with excitement and energy by the local community. And the Development Authority of Columbia County is proud to have the opportunity to implement our new vision.”

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