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competitive realities

Competitive Realities Report

To conduct analysis that is both accurate and can be effectively acted upon, Garner Economics goes well beyond simple industry statistics. Our Competitive Realities Report (CRR) is a locational audit that compiles the findings from the various elements of our Strategic Planning work into a cohesive economic assessment of a community’s current state and economic potential. It analyzes the community's economic and competitive conditions based on both an on-site assessment from a site location advisor’s perspective, and a quantitative analysis that is designed to move a community's leaders and organizations to action and decision regarding new initiatives.

Typically, it is the summary of the Phase 1 strategic planning discovery process. But sometimes our clients only have the budget to do a “lite” strategic plan.   In that regard, we blend the CRR with our industry targeting, though the CRR does not offer a complete set of detailed recommendations to help transform a region or community. 

Case Study Example

“Jay Garner is the ‘plastic surgeon’ that has just finished marking up your flaws with a sharpie. Standing in front of the mirror you feel exposed to all your flaws, but know that the recommendations made by Garner Economics can take you and your community to the next competitive level.”

Valerie Gray | Economic Director | Chambers County, Alabama Development Authority

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